Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry


2005 Naga- Mandala

2004 ‘Seven Sisters Banquet’ with a multi-cultural cast with actors from South East Asia in Tokyo and Kyoto..

2003- “Sibo in Supermarket” by Surjit Patar, based on a short story by Moira Crosbie Lovell

2001 ‘Unposted Love Letter’ By Doris Lessing

1998 ‘KITCHEN KATHA’, by Surjit Patar

1997 ‘UTSHOB’ A Workshop Production in London commissioned by the London International festival of Theatre(LIFT)

1996 ‘PHAEDRA’, by Jean Racine

1995 ‘THE MAD WOMAN OF CHAILLOT’, by Jean Giradoux

1993 ‘YERMA’, by Fredrico Garcia Lorca

1991 ‘NAGA – MANDALA’, by Girish Karnad

1989 ‘CLYTAMNESTRA’, by Kamal Kapur.

1987 ‘RAJA BHARATHARI’, by Dhaniram Chatrak

1986 ‘HOLI’, by Mahesh Elkunchwar

1986 ‘KIMA MALKI’, a Sufi tale

1985 ‘HEER RANJHA’, by Waris Shah

1984 ‘MATIYA BURJ’ (ROSHAMON), a Zen story

1983 ‘RESPECTABLE PROSTITUTE’, by Jean Paul Sartre

1982 ‘LOK KATHA’, by Ratnakar Matkari

1980 ‘JASMA ODHAN’, a Bhavai tale.


Ranga Shankara festival in 2005

Rangayana Festival 2004 in Mysore

National School of Drama Festival, New Delhi with Pheadra in 1999, Kitchen Katha 2001, An Unposted Love Letter 2003 Sibo In Supermarket 2004

The Other Festival, Chennai in 2002

Nandikar Festival, Kolkatta !994

Voicing Silences, Chennai 2002

British Council, New Delhi 1994 2002

Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi 2004

Bangalore festival Sangeet Natak Akademi 2000

Kerala Sangeet Natak Akademi,at festival inTrichur.2000

Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal 1993 and 2004

U.P.Department of Culture, Lucknow 1996

NZCC festivals at Delhi, Simla. Amritsar 1995 1997

Trade Fair Authority, New Delhi 1993

Punjabi Academy, New Delhi 1991 1992 1993 1994

Sahitya Parishad festival, New Delhi 1993

Allahabad National Festival 1991 1993

National Festivals in Heggodu,Dharwar, Udipi and Mysore. 1992

Kalidas Festival, Ujjain 1983

Government of West Bengal Festival, Calcutta. 1991


2006 directed a play for South Pacific basin festival “ To Soothe seven spirits” written by Matsuyo Akimoto ( A multi Lingual Version) In Tokyo and Kyoto.

2005 Sibo In Supermarket in Lahore Pakistan.

2004 Seven Sisters Banquet for the South Pacific Basin Festival in Tokyo and Kyoto. 2004. Directed a play with a cast from five countries of South Asia.

2004 Zannani Festival in Lahore Pakistan.

2003 KITCHEN KATHA at the Dubai Festival

2002 KITCHEN KATHA at the Kampnagel, Laokoon Festival, Hamburg.

2002 KITCHEN KATHA at Tokyo and Kyoto (Japan), AWT/Kyoto University of Art and Design

2001 KITCHEN KATHA, Singapore Arts Festival.

1999 YERMA at The Festival of Perth and The Multi Arts Festival in Canberra, Australia.

1997 UTSHOB in London, a commissioned project by LIFT.


1995 The Festival D’Avignon, France. The Mad Woman Of Chaillot

1993 YERMA at LIFT, London

1993 NAGA MANDALA at The International Festival of Theatre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

1988 RAJA BHARATHARI toured the United Kingdom, sponsored by ICCR, New Delhi.


Seminar, “Tradition and Modernity in Theatre” paper with slide presentation at Larissa and Delphi in Greece.In the year 1989

Conference to conceptualize and format The Festival of France in India. The conference was held in Paris and Avignon.1989

A Commonwealth Workshop on ‘Acting Methodologies’, Kingston, Jamaica.1999

Peter Brook’s Workshop in Bhopal . 1983

Conducted a Workshop on ‘Training an Actor’, at Tara Arts, London.1995

Movement Workshop conducted in Cambridge, UK.1993

Acting Workshops conducted in Leicester and

Collaborative Theatre Workshop along with Clive Barker
and the British Council

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